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Where Strength Meets Tears:
Black Business Women, We Cry Different, We Rise Stronger.

Empower, Elevate, Excel .
Together, we rise — Join the Movement!

Are you a black business woman navigating the corporate landscape with resilience and determination? Are you an ally who believes in the power of diversity and equality in the business world? Look no further. Black Business Women Cry Different (BBWCD) is more than a network; it's a community where stories are celebrated, challenges are conquered, and success is redefined.


A message from

Dr. Toyia L. Jackson

Embarking on my filmmaking journey fills me with pride as I unveil a project that stands as a testament to the vision and passions of black business women. From their triumphs and courage, we've not only excelled but reshaped industries. We don't just face challenges; we expand, expel, multiply, and improve. Out of this spirit, the Black Business Women Cry Different Docuseries was born.

This venture is more than a series; it's a celebration of resilience and success, offering a unique perspective on the experiences of black women entrepreneurs that have yet to be fully explored. The stories within this series are not just narratives; they are beacons of inspiration for women everywhere, showcasing that our journey is defined by triumphs over adversity.

Beyond the screen, my goal is to foster connections among women of color globally. Through these compelling narratives, we aim to create a powerful bond, highlighting how our collective triumphant journeys transcend adversity.


Join us in exploring a sneak peek into the upcoming series through the podcast tab and be part of our live events. Together, let's not just celebrate but amplify the voices of black business women, bringing their inspiring stories to the forefront of empowerment and liberation in the business world.

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The Visionary

Jamie Wright Esq.

The Wright Law Firm

Trena and Mona Lawson

Trena Lawson Group & Romonas Vocational School

KaNisa Alberto

Introspective Design Studio

Krystle Younge

Family Reunion Restaurant

Dejauna "Coach Dee" Price

Life Coach and Author


Tracie Kimbrough

Motivational Speaker

Chinecherem Eze

Odoora Beauty

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