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Visionaries coming together to create a platform dedicated to the success of Black Business Women.

Dr. Toyia Jackson, a visionary leader, serves as the CEO of our organization. A prolific writer and producer, she is the creative force behind the acclaimed docuseries and podcast, "Black Business Women Cry Different." With a passion for amplifying the voices of Black businesswomen, Dr. Jackson is dedicated to fostering empowerment and community-building.

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Meet KaNisa Alberto, our Chief Creative Officer, responsible for infusing innovation and creativity into our initiatives. With a keen eye for artistic expression, KaNisa plays a pivotal role in shaping the visual and creative identity of our organization. Her passion for storytelling through various mediums adds depth and resonance to our mission.


Trena Lawson, our dynamic leader in Funding Development and Community Engagements, is committed to securing resources and fostering meaningful connections. With a background in [mention relevant background], Trena spearheads initiatives that support the financial growth of our organization while actively engaging with the community to build lasting partnerships.

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Adrienne Holland, our respected President, brings a wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to her role. As a former commissioned US Air Force officer and expert in Family Law, her commitment to advancing our organization's mission is unparalleled. Adrienne serves as a driving force, passionately promoting the success and recognition of Black businesswomen, ensuring their thriving presence in the business world.


As the Chief Media Officer, Ebony Jones leads our media strategies with finesse and expertise. With a background in [mention relevant background], Ebony is instrumental in shaping our organization's public image and communication. Her dedication to showcasing the stories and achievements of Black businesswomen through diverse media channels is unparalleled.


Rhonda Love, our invaluable Stakeholder and Creative Content Advisor, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her strategic insights and creative expertise guide our organization in crafting compelling content. Rhonda plays a crucial role in advising on creative direction and ensuring that our initiatives resonate with stakeholders and the wider audience.

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Dive into a vibrant community of empowerment at Black Business Women Cry Different Facebook group. Join us to connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and uplift each other on the journey of entrepreneurship. Experience the power of collective wisdom and support – sign up now and be part of a dynamic space where Black Business Women thrive together!

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Business Plan

Feature Workshop

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Financial Literacy

Feature Workshop

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Feature Workshop

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Brand Consistency

Feature Workshop

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