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Our mission is to create a space where the distinct experiences of black women in business are not just acknowledged but celebrated. We are committed to fostering a supportive ecosystem that thrives on shared narratives, empowerment, and advocacy.

Statistic highlights a notable disparity in average revenue between Black female founders and all women-owned businesses. On average, Black female founders generate a modest revenue of $24,000, a stark contrast to the $142,900 average revenue among all women-owned businesses.

Businesses owned by women of color represent 47% of all women-owned enterprises, employing 2,230,600 individuals and generating an impressive $386.6 billion in revenues.

Between 2007 and 2018, the average revenue for women of color declined from $84,000 to $66,400, whereas for non-minority businesses, revenue increased from $181,000 to $212,300.

There is an imperative need for a paradigm shift.


In the heart of Los Angeles, the vision behind the docuseries "Black Business Women Cry Different" was born out of a deep-seated commitment to amplify the voices and experiences of black women in business. The founding members of our organization recognized the need for a platform that not only acknowledged the distinct challenges faced by black business women but also celebrated their resilience, creativity, and triumphs. The idea emerged from a desire to showcase the untold stories, shedding light on the unique journeys of black women entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals who navigate a landscape where their experiences often go unrecognized. It became evident that a docuseries would serve as a powerful medium to not only document these narratives but to inspire, connect, and empower a broader audience.

As the vision took shape, it became clear that the docuseries would be a transformative tool for breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of community among black business women. The goal was not only to highlight the challenges but to explore the strength and brilliance that emerge from those challenges. Through intimate interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and a genuine portrayal of the triumphs and tribulations, "Black Business Women Cry Different" is set to be a testament to the resilience and innovation of black women in business. It is a visual narrative that captures the essence of our organization's mission — to create a space where the stories of black business women are not only heard but become a source of inspiration for generations to come.



A global community for women of color......Collaborate, Connect, Enhance.....


I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all the up-and-coming black business women who have chosen to be part of our thriving community at Black Business Women Cry Different. As the CEO, I want to express why having a community like ours is not just beneficial but essential for your holistic growth—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In the fast-paced world of business, it's easy to feel isolated, facing challenges unique to our experiences. Our community serves as a powerful support system, offering mentorship, guidance, and a network of like-minded individuals who understand the journey you're on. Together, we can navigate the professional landscape, share insights, and celebrate each other's successes.

Beyond the boardrooms and business strategies, our community values your well-being—physically, mentally, and spiritually. We believe that a holistic approach to success involves not just professional achievements but also personal growth. The bonds formed within our community can be a source of strength during challenging times and a platform for celebrating milestones.

In joining Black Business Women Cry Different, you're not just becoming a member; you're becoming part of a movement that recognizes the importance of your entire being. Let's thrive together, uplift one another, and create a future where every black business woman not only succeeds in her endeavors but flourishes in all aspects of life.

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship programs pair seasoned black business women with up-and-coming professionals, providing a platform for guidance, knowledge transfer, and personalized support.Through one-on-one interactions, mentees gain valuable insights to navigate their unique career paths and overcome challenges.

Networking Events

We organize regular networking events and workshops designed to foster meaningful connections among black business women across various industries. These events provide opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the cultivation of a strong support system within our community.

Professional Development Resources

Access a wealth of resources tailored to enhance your professional development, including exclusive webinars, industry reports, and skill-building materials. Stay at the forefront of industry trends and gain the tools needed to excel in your career.

Wellness and Mindfulness Sessions

Recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, our community offers wellness and mindfulness sessions to support members in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These sessions include yoga, meditation, and discussions on managing stress in the workplace.

Advocacy Initiatives

Be part of our advocacy initiatives aimed at addressing systemic challenges faced by black business women. Through targeted campaigns, policy discussions, and community outreach, we work collectively to break down barriers and create a more inclusive business environment.

Entrepreneurial Incubator Program

For aspiring entrepreneurs, our incubator program provides a nurturing environment to transform ideas into thriving businesses. Benefit from mentorship, business development resources, and networking opportunities to launch and grow your venture successfully. This program is tailored to support black women in turning their entrepreneurial visions into impactful realities, fostering innovation and sustainability in the business world.



A global community for women of color......Collaborate, Connect, Enhance.....

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Shanice Wilson
Smile by Shanice

Step into the world of Shanice Wilson, where artistry takes center stage. As a versatile talent, Shanice is not only celebrated for her prowess as a Singer and Actor but also holds the reins as the Owner of Smile Cosmetics. Immerse yourself in her melodic journey through music and performance, and experience the beauty of Smile Cosmetics, where creativity and glamour converge. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-21 at 4.47_edited.png

Dejuana Price
Coach Dee Enterprises

Multifaceted individual with a dynamic array of roles: Author, Thought Leader, Speaker, Life Coach, and Healer. Explore the wisdom and inspiration she brings to each facet of her journey. Dive into her writings, engage with her insights, and discover the transformative power of her coaching and healing practices.

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 2.35.27 PM.png

Welcome to the creative universe of KaNisa Alberto, a visionary Interior Designer, accomplished Author, and astute Project Management Entrepreneur. Explore the fusion of design, literature, and business acumen as KaNisa weaves spaces, words, and projects into compelling stories of innovation. From transforming interiors into masterpieces.

Inquire about spotlight details and marketing


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BBWCD_ Prayer Flyer.png

Step into a realm of self-discovery and empowerment with our Monthly Meditation and Prayer Gathering for Women. As we embrace stillness, we unlock the door to inner peace and resilience, setting the tone for a month of growth and positivity. Join us in this sacred space where the power of meditation and prayer converges, nurturing your spirit and guiding you to start each month with renewed strength and purpose.

Screen Shot 2023-11-21 at 5.46.15 PM.png

Black Business Women has joined forces with Dreamkreator Studio to present the annual event, The Art of Business and Branding Your Talents Toy Drive. Together, we're excited to bring a blend of entrepreneurship, creativity, and giving back during this festive season. Join us in this special occasion where business and artistry converge for a purposeful celebration.

BBWCD_Quarterly Brunch.png

This is where ambition meets affluence at our Melanin Mimosas & Money Moves Entrepreneur Networking Brunch! Join a tribe of dynamic Black businesswomen as we blend empowerment with indulgence. From lively discussions to powerful connections, immerse yourself in an atmosphere where brilliance is the main course, and success is the secret ingredient. Elevate your network, savor success, and let the entrepreneurial magic unfold – because at our brunch, we're not just raising glasses, we're raising empires


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